February 13, 2007

Good Busy

What a week it has been! Actually what a couple of weeks. From planning the reflection Pat and I were to give in Milwaukee, writing and going over my six month evaluation, some awesome presentations in the Intercommunity Novitiate and vow class, to now preparing a retreat day for the sophomores at St. Joseph's Academy it has been busy by novitiate standards. A phrase from a presentation we had earlier in the year, however, has stuck with me: "Walk in a relaxed manner." Even in the bits of busyness, I have been able to find time for the prayer and reading and being in discernment that this year affords.

The presentations lately have truly been awesome. Last week Sr. Addie, SSND, presented on the vow of obedience--holy listening. She followed characters through the scriptures--divine call, human response. Sr. Addie said that growing up she wanted ten kids, "fill up a pew." As she spoke of Abraham and God's promise to make him the father of nations, she said she heard God say, "You want ten kids? I'll give you ten thousand. Three trillion kinsfolk." How can one argue with that?! The other phrase that she used that I loved was, "This is a destiny, not today's answers." I often have to remind myself to see the big picture, to be patient, to be okay with questions not answers. Intertwined with song it was one of the most personally challenging presentations I have heard.

Our presentation tomorrow is on social justice. Such a big piece of religious life and the world today. It will be interesting to hear yet another point of view. Then sophomore retreat day on Thursday, and off to visit some Concordia CSJs in Kansas for the weekend. Good busy.



  1. "This is a destiny, not today's answers." Discernment is SO hard! Without a letter in the mailbox from Our Lord telling us specifically what to do, we can only choose that which seems to make our soul feel most at peace. Our "destiny" is to be with God in heaven. There are a trillion ways to get there. And "today's answers" may be different tomorrow. Perhaps God simply asks us to commit to a path and stay in relationship with Him and His people. Then we must trust that He will guide us the rest of the way.

  2. Hey, Sarah, I was like Sister Addie. I imagined having at least ten children, but God gave me more than that! When we give our lives to following Christ, it is amazing what happens. A few days ago I baptized my third godchild,a little girl adopted from Hong Kong. Whether you make vows or not, giving your life to Christ will take you places and to persons beyond your wildest dreams. I have been reading your blog for months, and I pary for you every day!

  3. Thanks so much for the reminder to 'holy listening'. This is a most wonderful way to share about the vow of obedience. I think sometimes I need to 'holy listen' to my body.


  4. Sounds like things are going great! Skip and I want to get in there and get a tour. We'll call you!

    Aunt Ellen adn Uncle Skip