January 01, 2007

Christmas Spirit

Though Pat is really the rhyming guru,
She’s out of town, so I’ll try something new.
To tell about our Christmas bash
In rhyme and rhythm the way she would do.

We started with a beautiful prayer
Then to the dining room for waffles square,
Strawberries, egg bake, OJ,
All more than fair.

Then to gifts, simple and fun.
We had exchanged names but got more than one
As Pat gave gag gifts, Paula made hats,
Amy candles, but more than that
Was the spirit among us with laughter and joy
More meaningful to us than any toy.

What a delight
This Christmas night,
To celebrate with sisters
The true meaning of the day
Christ among us in a most special way.



  1. Such a gift of Verse you have
    Glad Christmas was a good one!
    Happy New Year!
    Nancy in Atlanta

  2. Your joy was evident in the "poetry" you gave us. May 2007 continue to see growth in all of your community. May your example lead the rest of us, too.
    --Pat Murphy

  3. OOOO I'm soo jealous! It sounds like everyone had such a wonderful time. How about cookies? I know there was a cookie exchange somewhere in there. Everyone looks so cute! I had a great time during the holidays as well. Take care and see everyone soon!

    -Alisha M.

  4. Grand poetics Sarah. You're giving Pat a run for her money.... Look out world when you two go on the road!!!

  5. Sarah--this is a test from your grandmother Mary and your father (who is yawning) to see if we can get a "comment" to you. What is our comment??? We are happy to be able to write to you even if the post-office was closed for three days.

    Happy New Year.

  6. So great to welcome Kate for the celebration. Just a great spirit is given to all of us.