December 20, 2006

You're doing what?! You're going where?!

These are the questions that I got when I told everyone in my area that I was going to spend my break with a bunch of nuns. Everyone was puzzled. Why would I want to sacrifice my free time to stay with nuns? Everyone thought that all we would do is pray, go to church, and probably pray more. Boy, were they wrong!!

I flew in Monday and have had thrill since I left the airport. Sr. Pat introduced me to at least a 1000 nuns. Everyone knows me but I have yet to get the names right. Just to be safe, everyone shall go by "Sister". I had lunch with the sisters and later helped Sarah deliver presents to some of the people in the community. It wasn't much of a success because Sarah and I had a hard time finding people. They were either not home or we couldn't find the exact apartment. But, it was still a blessing to meet the people that were available. Later that night, Sarah prepared tacos for the community and I helped her chop up the veggies. She showed me some great tricks! Then, we had prayer and it was very beautiful because we listened to a powerful song, had a moment of silence, and then she read a story from the Bible. Everyone reflected on the story and it was great to hear everyone's different views.

Tuesday was an awesome day. We went to 8:00 a.m. mass at St. Stephens. What a beautiful church! I met Peanut Butter and Jelly, a.k.a. John Kenneth and Sarah Mitra. Then, I came back and met with Sr. Marianne Keena and I'm sure we talked at least two hours. She is a beautiful person and has a wonderful personality. After that, I had lunch with the sisters and that is when I ran into Santa Claus. I'm sure that St. Nick knew that Sarah and I were good kids so he let us sit in his lap for a pose. I met many more nuns that day and have learned more names and faces. Once lunch was over with, Sr. Pat did not want to waste any time. She was anxious for me to go visit the sisters at Nazareth. That was my favorite place!!! I fell in love with everyone! Everyone had cheerful spirits for the holidays. Such a gorgeous place! I met many sisters that day but of course I found a favorite. Sister Ann Dominic! Wow! I really loved her. Not just because she gave me some really good cookies, but she had such high spirits and a just a joyful person. I really enjoyed talking to her. After Sister Pat and I left Nazareth, the sisters plan to meet every month on the 19th to get together and have fun with the community. I was a little nervous at first because I have not met many of the sisters and I wasn't sure how to act around them. I realized quickly that everyone was there to have a good time. They were so awesome. I don't think that I have laughed that much in a long time. The sisters were hilarious. I enjoyed talking to them and I'm sure they loved to hear my southern accent.

Wednesday was a great day. Kinda rainy but that did not stop us. Sarah and I went to the Institute for the Deaf to see their Christmas play. I think she and I decided to see how many kids we could fit in the car and take home with us. The kids were precious and not to mention adorable. It was truly amazing to see how technology has helped these kids to hear and understand what others are saying. Some of the kids could not hear but still were able to sing along with the music. It was very touching and a beautiful thing to see. In the afternoon, Sarah, Pat, and I went to the Arch. Then we went to TED DREWES!!! That was the place that Sarah had told me most about. That was the best place ever.

Now, my day is over. I am praying for ice so that the airport will be closed and I won't have to go back to LA. I love it here soo much! The people are amazing and I am truly blessed to have met each one. I want to thank everyone for their kindness and generousity and I will definitely be back on my next break! God Bless everyone!

-Alisha M.

(Alisha is a young woman whom Pat and I met when we were in Zwolle, LA earlier this year. She decided to come up for a visit to meet some of the sisters and check out St. Louis.)


  1. How wonderful to have Alisha with us! The presence of all the sisters at the Motherhouse, the 19th of the month group and the novitiate community certainly spoke of our great hospitality. We will be keeping Alicia and her journey in our prayers.


  2. How wonderful that you publish this site. I love my first visit. Merry Christmas. Fran

  3. It was a real treat to have Alisha with us. What a treatsure you are!!